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2.10 - Organisational Roles

Head of Projects

  • Full-time senior manager, line responsible for all projects and project managers within a business
  • Responsible to General Manager and attends Executive meetings to provide a cross-function cross-project view.
  • Responsible for a Programme Office for quality of practices and procedures used.
  • Ensures that projects are planned professionally by Project Managers.

Programme Management Office

  • Maintains the overall project master schedule and top level plans.
  • Responsible for company-wide quality audits of practices and procedures – activates the escalation procedure when the business is threatened by milestone slippage in key projects.
  • Involved in pre-initiation planning with emphasis on major strategic projects.
  • Independent state-of-health reporting to senior executives and vetting of hazard recovery plans.
  • Maintains high visibility of, and provides training workshops in, standard best practice project management procedures agreed for use by the organisation.
  • Supports project managers in the planning phase for all projects, including the definition of resources needs, project deliverables and cost-benefit analysis.
  • Programme Manager selectively attends project review meetings.

Resource Council or Committee

  • In multi-project organisation provides a business view in determining priorities for allocation of scarce resources across projects and resolving conflicts
  • Meets regularly, for example weekly, in a carefully designed meeting with a standard agenda and checklist
  • Includes General Manager, Head of Projects and relevant functional and resource managers.

Large Organization Model

Large Organization Model

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