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6.05 - Making the Change

Key Issues

New Product Introduction (NPI) change programmes are normally the most difficult to manage. They are probably the most rewarding.

A new product introduction (NPI) change programme is a business wide activity that normally results in radically different ways of working. Due to the magnitude of the project such a change programme is highly complex and there are many potential pitfalls to avoid.

New Product Introduction change programmes can be approached as:-

  • Product focused
  • Process focused
  • Product and process focused

In a process focused programme the objective is to re-engineer and optimise the design process itself. The new design process is then used for all new product developments. In a product focused programme the objective is to radically improve the performance of one business critical project by applying best practice tools and techniques. Many of these practices are then used in subsequent projects. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages:-




  • Provides demonstrator
  • Promotes Change
  • Defines Process for Strangers
  • Training of Trainers
  • Time to capture all projects is increased

  • Structure implemented early
  • Runners & repeaters accommodated
  • Products run through an optimised process
  • Training in techniques comes later
  • No quick results seen

  • Quick results
  • Provides demonstrator
  • Runners & Repeaters accommodated
  • Promotes change
  • Training of trainers
  • Large resource and time needed

  • Quick successive improvements
  • Process defined for strangers
  • A number of customers / markets accommodated
  • Runners & Repeaters not accommodated
  • Rest of Organisation left unchanged
  • No permanent process improvement

Re-Engineering Product Introduction – Process Focused

Re-Engineering Product Introduction – Process Focused

Product Focused Improvement

Product Focused Improvement

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