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The Purpose of the Guide

The Manufacturing Management and Technology Guide is the result of many years consulting and operations experience.

It is presented in an easy-to-read summary of processes, tools and techniques to assist engineers and engineering managers to participate in, and contribute to forming and executing a manufacturing company's strategies.

The Need for the Guide

Many engineers finish their formal technical education and training with only a skim over of the strategic management issues in setting up and running a design and manufacturing company. This Guide will enable those highly skilled technical people to get a handle on what they can do to contribute to or lead the business strategy.

The Overall Guide Format – Sections

Each of the eight subject sections of the guide has the following format:-

  • Strategy or Overall Principles
  • Methods of Control, Execution or Deployment
  • Supporting Techniques

The Guide Sections

Individual Guide Format

Each individual guide is presented with:-

  • Basic Planning Principles or Requirements
  • A discussion enhanced with meaningful graphics
  • How to do it - Task and checklists
  • Further Reading and additional references
  • Provision for user notes and comments (in the paper version)
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