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Section 1.00 - The Need for Change

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1.00 - The Need for Change

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Recommended books are listed below. If you wish to purchase any, click on the cover image and you will be taken to the Amazon bookstore.
Competitive Advantage
Michael E. Porter : Free Press
ISBN: 0743260872
Target Costing "Financial Times" The most influential management book of the past quarter century....A veritable goldmine of analytical concepts and tools to help companies get a much clearer grasp of how they can create and sustain competitive advantage.
Strategic Management
Bowman and Asch : Macmillan
ISBN: 0-333-38765-1
This major text for undergraduate and MBA courses in Corporate Strategy and Business Policy brings a new sophisticated strategic framework to the material it covers. It incorporates a critical review of recent techniques of external and internal appraisal, strategic option generation and of selection and evaluation as well as covering a wide range of current issues.
Key Management Ratios
Ciaran Walsh : Pitman/FT
ISBN: 0273 62197 1
Presents financial ratios with extreme clarity
Performance Measurement for World Class Manufacturing
Brian. H. Maskell : Productivity
ISBN: 0 915299 99 2
Chapter 6 - Measurement of production flexibility outlines Measurement of Performnce (MOPS) for parts re-use & commonality. Including commonality, standard, common and unique parts ratio measurements.